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Indian weddings are a lavish occasion celebrated with great pomp and show and the best part is the rituals that we have here. If you observe, we have certainly so many beautiful rites and rituals that make weddings not just the celebration of a couple’s new life as one but also a reason where family and friends can rejoice too. Talk about the sensible and religious practices observed by the elderly in the family or just the giggles of the little ones around or the emotional moments that most of the family members may have for one reason or the other, every aspect of a wedding is lovable in India.

Let Our Candid Wedding Photographers Eternalise the Precious Day for You!

At GK Vale, we celebrate the occasion with you through flawless and highly creative photography. We are amongst the highly sought after Candid Wedding Photographers in Bangalore as the quality of photography we offer is simply outstanding. Our professional photographers have attended hundreds of weddings across the city and other parts of the country and they are quite intelligent and creative in sensing the right time to press the button on the camera so that no important moment goes unnoticed by the lenses and is eternalized by all means. These guys have attended hundreds of elite and posh weddings across the city as photographers and they have earned great reputation of being the best because of the quality of work delivered to the long and happy patronage of GK Vale.


Our candid wedding photographers in Bangalore do not just capture moments but also create memories that you would love to look back to and cherish years afterwards from now. The time elapses and changes so fast and we humans want the good times to last longer. Thanks to photography, it is now possible to freeze the moments and times we love for the rest of the life to appreciate and admire.

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Pre-wedding photography , portrait photography, bridal phoyography
Pre-wedding photography , portrait photography, bridal phoyography

Our Photography Studio in Bangalore is amongst the best in the country and has been standing reputedly for over a century. Kindly navigate our website to explore the wonderful work we have done for so many people by capturing the beautiful moments of their life in camera. Or, please take some time to visit our photography studio in Bangalore that is located at one of the posh locations of the city.