GK Vale- Your Portfolio Photographer with the Right Attitude

Thanks to photography, we can traverse back in time anytime, anywhere and relive the moments and occasions that has passed years ago. Time comes and goes, kids are born and then they grow up, a couple enters a new life and gets older as time passes, but the memories remain as fresh and near as if they were the things of just another day. With photographs captured on different occasions, we can hold such memories dear even after years have elapsed.

Whatever the occasion be, celebration of a newborn’s arrival in the family, wedding, your grandfather’s retirement party, any specific achievement by a family member, and more, our Portfolio Photography services can be availed of to make any such moment eternal. We would love to welcome you and your family to our photography studio in Bangalore which is located at one of the posh locations in the city.

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An Outstanding Track Record of a Hundred Years

The time period of a hundred years is not a small one. It feels proud when we take a look at our amazing journey in all these years- thousands of happy patrons, countless photographs and moments that became eternal. We have been photographing for over a hundred years. From those nostalgic black and white pictures to the modern digital photographs, our team of experts knows the best of the techniques and has the right attitude towards the job. And, you will see this once you have GK Vale as your photography service provider. What we believe in is that portfolio photography is not only about clicking the camera button or possessing the right techniques to use a camera, but it is also about thinking of the right perspectives that would add to the class and glamour of the photo. Our photographers are exceptionally creative and naturally inclined towards artistic photography and this is quite evident in the beautiful pictures they have clicked for more than a thousand esteemed customers till now.

Dance for the guests at your wedding
Dance for the guests

Please allow us to make your family portrait a pride possession for you that you would love to flaunt before your family and friends now and years afterwards. Kindly walk in to our Photography Studio in Bangalore and we will be happy to freeze the beautiful moments that you will cherish for many more years to come. Or, if you please, call us at your place and we will be there with our camera ready to click the best of the best shots for you.