High Definition Photo Printing

GKVale’s is Asia’s first to launch high definition print using Canon’s Dreamlabo 5000. All of GKVale’s prints are high definition . Redefining photo prints to a new level of pixel clarity , color and resolution, that brings captured moments to life

At seven fixed line print heads and 2400dpi high density jets to microprint at greater definition than was never possible before, its pure visual magic.
CMYK employs photo cyan, photo magenta and grey inks to reproduce wider ranging shades and achieve more precise colour control. The dye-based inks deliver colour and mono photos with extra smooth gradations and more faithful skin tones.

Traditional digital printing uses millions of tiny dots to create an image – which means close-up the photo appears grainy or has a “flyscreen” look.Our HD Photo Books are printed using Stochastic Screening, which eliminates the flyscreen, and prints in glorious, continuous colour.

Press Releases:-

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