Make Your Big Day Memorable with Candid Wedding Photography

Indian weddings aren’t only about great pomp and show, but they are also an emotional roller coaster where joy and sentiments are at its pinnacle. Happiness is beyond expression during ceremonies like exchange of garlands, welcoming of the groom and raillery of bride’s sisters and friends, and several other moments throughout the celebration. On the other hand, emotions get inconsolable as the bride walks away with her groom and bids adieu to her family leaving them saddened and forlorn. The joy lies in the fact that she is stepping into a totally new life thenceforth while the sad part is that she will have to leave her beloved mother, father and siblings with whom she grew up playing, sharing, and sometimes nagging for small trivial things.

Capturing your Beautiful Moments

It’s quite easy to see all the beautiful and emotional moments throughout the occasion but it takes a swift mind and professional eye to capture the best of emotions in camera without fail. Only candid wedding photographers in Bangalore like those at GK Vale know the art of clicking it when the moment is just right and worthwhile. These guys are creative enough to make your special occasion extra special by using their expertise and years of experience.


Your Candid Wedding Photographers in Bangalore will not only capture the moments that they see during the occasion but they will also create a sequence of emotions that narrate the entire story without requiring words. These photographers understand how emotionally attached you and your family members are to such a big event of your life. Each photograph they click and every single moment they capture in the lenses will make you nostalgic and take you back in time even years after your wedding day.

Wedding is perhaps the most important and memorable celebration in anybody’s life and you would surely want the big day captured in camera by someone who can immortalize it in an absolutely effortless manner and the guys at GK Vale are simply amazing at that, I bet.

Portrait Photography in Bangalore         

Besides wedding and special occasion photography, GK Vale offers Portrait Photography in Bangalore as well. Portraits impart class and elegance to the walls of living rooms, bedroom and just any other special room in the house and you may have your loved ones with you in the portrait to make them feel really special every time they look at it.


Wedding and portrait photography is their specialty and the photographers at GK Vale take personal interest in every event that they cover. They look at each moment with a creative mind and personalized angle and the result is simply outstanding photography that you will admire now and for years to come for sure. Don’t let a single beautiful moment during your life’s biggest celebration miss out just because you had a professional heartless photographer by your side. Hire the highly talented, professional and creative photographers who have a heart that feels all the emotions as you do. Call GK Vale to book your wedding photography or just for that perfect portrait with your loved ones. Visit their studio in Bangalore!