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Wedding Photography

On May 23rd, 1910, G. K. Vale, with a penchant to capture and preserve the most exciting moments of life, made a spirited ingress to photography. What ensued is a journey of remarkably innumerable and impeccable achievements. No one, then, predicted that over the next 100 years, G.K Vale would go on to become one of the most sought after names in photography, especially in the realm of grandeur wedding photography that necessitates special finesse. Our brand is now a household name, in Karnataka, and especially in the garden city of Bangalore.

India, being the land of rich cultural heritage, holds weddings to be a sacred affair which encompasses a galore of festivities. And, for over a century now, G. K. Vale has been serving the people of Karnataka by capturing moments and events that are special to them. We’ve made it possible for our esteemed customers to be able to relive all their precious moments, all over again, each time. This has been possible only because of the extraordinary efforts of our 50 talented Bangalore wedding photographers, who are professional to the core. Their exceptional skills and experienced eye for detail about Indian wedding fixed and motion capture lets them capture the priceless emotions that blossom during the event. Team G.K.Vale aides to eternalize your cherished moments forever.

End your search for the perfect Bangalore wedding. Allow our photographers to make it an extraordinary wedding experience with GK Vale.