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Want to Become a Model? Get Your Portfolio Right!

Having an impressive portfolio is undoubtedly the first step towards your becoming a successful model and grabbing those meaty and meaningful projects that you have been dreaming of all these years. There is no exaggeration in stating that a professional portfolio is your business card in the highly competitive world of media and modeling where a single bad picture may close your opportunity windows for long.


Modeling Photoshoot
Modeling Photoshoot


Whether you are a shy first time model who is simply intimidated by the lenses or a pro with a little bit of hesitation still left there in the remote corner of your heart when it comes to facing the camera, we understand how to make you feel relaxed and candid. GK Vale is in the photography industry for over a century. We have worked with hundreds of upcoming and aspiring models and have already created thousands of portfolios for pros models across Bangalore and other parts of the Southern India as well as those from the north.


Clicking the moment just right!


Portfolio Photography is something that comes to us naturally and we don’t have to work really hard to get the models get candid before the camera. We don’t just click pictures but take shots that bring out the real model and actor in you in the most impressive, dazzling, colourful, naturalistic and realistic manner. Please don’t blame us if you fall in love with yourself on seeing the portfolio that GK Vale creates for you!


Seasoned Photographers at Your Service


Our team of Portfolio Photography connoisseurs comprises of photographers with over decades of experience being behind the camera. They know every posture, move, smile, blush and frown that can really add value to your portfolio. We are always eager to help you get a leading edge in competition through our outstanding photography services.


Modeling Porfolio
Modeling Porfolio

Book us for a Photo shoot in Bangalore


Are you serious about pursuing modeling? Do you wish that someone could actually click your exceptionally beautiful and professional photos that help you emerge as a sought after model in the city? Perhaps you want your various moods and looks to be captured in the camera in the most fascinating and impressive manner ever? Let us just do it for you! We have all the outstanding options you could think of in photography for your portfolio – from multiple stylish outfits to lighting set ups, make up and poses that simply captivate the onlookers!


Stop Thinking Any Longer; Call Us for Your Portfolio Photoshoot in Bangalore!


We can help you bring out the best in you right on camera. Just book us for your Photoshoot in Bangalore and get ready with us to the never seen before images of your own that thought were never your cup of tea. Leave all those competing models behind and win the most sumptuous modeling assignments that come flooding your way once your portfolio is seen by the best of the agencies across the city as well as country. Take that first step towards a big leap in your career with GK Vale.