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A Collage never goes outdated as it holds so many precious moments together. It looks so classy and reflects different moods of yours and your loved ones in a manner that is both impressive and attractive to look at. While earlier, having a collage printed and framed was something only professionals could do, things are different today thanks to the availability of Collage Frames Online.

Yes, you can now order your collage and Photo Frames Online in India and use your own creativity to add life to them. Get a collage that includes exclusive and adorable pictures of your little one. Hung on the walls of your living room, such a collage will naturally evoke love and adoration towards the kid in your heart as well as that of your family and friends. You may also think of collecting all your favorite pictures – solo as well as with family and friends, and have them pasted on different frames. Now simply hang all the frames in an order that you prefer and in the room where you like. How about having a sequence of gleeful and colorful photographs framed and hung right in the corridor or near the entrance? You may place a huge vase, a showpiece or other decorative piece of artwork on the floor parallel to the frames. There is no dearth of ideas that you may experiment for giving a refreshingly new look and feel to your home with these Collage Frames Online

At GK Vale, we bring to you the finest quality Collage and Photo Frames Online in India. Our collection is impressive and comprises of timber photo frames in different sizes and collage photo frames in different styles. While you can order your chosen photo frame on our website, we also let you create your own collage in three extremely simple steps. All you need to do is choose any of the frames listed on our website, click on the button ‘create online’ and then add your favorite photographs to the frames. You can also edit/ crop the pictures you like and change the order as you prefer. Now all you need to do is simply save the collage and place the order by making the payment that is just as reasonable as it could be. What’s more, you may have a preview of the photographs to see how they will look once printed. This is your last chance to change the photographs, setting or sequence before the collage gets printed.

Collage- a perfect gifting idea

Is it your baby’s first birthday or your wedding anniversary or any other special occasion worth celebrating? Get a collage made and simply gift it to your family and friends and let them know how much you cherish your relationship with them! Please take a look at our collection of photo and collage frames and take your pick. Besides photo and collage frames, we also offer photo clock, photo frames, and range of Tiles as well as photo mugs and printing on pillow covers and cushion covers and more.

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